About Us

Hello! I thought I would take a few moments and introduce myself! My name is billie erdmann and I am the creator of billie's kitchen.

My husband, Willie (yes really, Willie and Billie) and I are proud parents to 3 BEAUTIFUL children. Blake 15, Shelby 13, and Riley 9. We are blessed to be raising our children on my husband's family farm and hopefully teaching them the value of hard work!

I think I will start off my story by telling you how I got to where I am: I always knew I wanted to be a wife and mother and would probably end up marrying a farmer. I am the oldest of 4 girls, grew up on a farm, and was often called dad's "#1 hired man", it only made sense to marry a broke farmer, fill the house with a bunch of future rock pickers, and be the mama that could always whip up a good homecooked meal for the family and guests! So, I married the man from down the road who had bought his Great Grandparents farm with the plan of being a stay-at-home mama, raising animals and working alongside my husband, but God had other plans.

Our first born, Blake went without oxygen for the first 5 minutes of his life and from then on, our lives would never be what we planned. He came home after 21 days in the NICU and I became a stay-at-home mom that was never home, my purpose was now Blake and the countless trips to Dr appts, finding the best health care providers for him, therapies, meds, pretty much I became a nurse... (disclaimer: I am NOT a nurse). I remember adding up everything I was supposed to do for him in 24 hours, it came to 27, and on top of this, we were trying to expand our farm...to say my husband and I were exhausted would be an understatement, but God gave us the strength to keep going.

I have struggled with the word "purpose" for the majority of my adult life, nothing was going according to my plan, there was no more "Billie", I was "Blake's mom". I thought I was meant to do more; I just didn't know what. Fast forward a couple of kids later and countless hospital stays, surgeries, struggles, failures, tears, and lots of BLESSINGS, in 2013 we were able to build a handicap accessible home for Blake right behind the farmhouse and started renting the "old" house out (this information is important later)!

One day, early 2021 spring, I was talking to my good friend and business owner of a local on the farm meat market and I said she should get some "dry meals in a bag stuff" and be a one stop shop, and she said, "Yea, YOU should do that"! I kinda laughed it off, but said "Yea, I will look into after Easter". I didn't give it too much more thought until she said she was going to be at a show that was coming up in about a month, and I should get something together and go...So, I did. In three weeks, I created billie's kitchen. My poor family was so sick of trying my creations, I joked that I didn't know if they really liked it or just wanted me to stop making stuff!

My first show was a success and I was hooked. I had SO MUCH FUN, I enjoyed meeting new people and watching them enjoy my food as they tasted it for the first time! I have always had a hostess heart and often tell people that cooking and feeding people is my love language, billie's kitchen has given me the opportunity to "prepare" meals for people to take home and feed their loved ones! Remember that "old" farmhouse?  We kicked the renter out, just kidding...he was planning on moving, we just sped his plans up a little, and billie's kitchen moved in!  It has been absolutely perfect!

Remember that word, "purpose"? I learned that my purpose IS my family, I get to be the wife of a hardworking, Christian man that takes pride in his family and farm, mom to a pretty amazing young man and his two sisters, I get to watch him change the lives of every single person he meets, most certainly ours and how much better human beings we are because of him! Along this journey I learned another word that I thought was the same thing or that it had to BE the same thing, for me it's not, it is different. PASSION. billie's kitchen has become my PASSION. I am learning as I go in this business, just like in our lives, I am adjusting, adapting, and learning from my mistakes. This has allowed me to be creative, step out of my comfort zone, and show my children that there mama truly is crazy!    Oh, I am kidding, sorta! 

Thank you for taking the time to read the story of how billie's kitchen came to be! There is one more thing I want you know, when I create recipes and package them, I am doing it with my hostess heart, there really is a sprinkle of love in every bag! I am so grateful that you have invited my products to your dinner table! 

My name is billie erdmann and I am the creator of billie's kitchen.